So you've found what?

Well that, my dear reader, is absolutely up to you.  As you navigate around you'll see I've linked to my social profiles and added little snippets of my current and previous lives. It's up to you what you'll do with that info.

Can you reach out to me?  Of course!  

Email: - Twitter: @JoshtheWeaver

Should you ask me personal questions?  Duh!  How else are you going to get to know me?  Do you speak in the form of a question often?  Does Alex Trebek hate Sean Connery?

"...highball and cigar always firmly in hand -- he embodied the glorious excess of a world long gone, a world without rules or consequences. A menefreghista if you will."

It may be a world long gone but I'll be damned if 60s Vegas isn't alive and well in this body!