Trained to talk, paid to listen.


From public relations training, to pioneering social media marketing, to a speaking tour, and podcasting; as long as I'm telling stories or helping others find theirs I'm happy!

Social Media/Marketing Director with over 9 years of experience at companies ranging from start-ups to on the Fortune 100.

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Someone at Apple thought it was a good idea to install GarageBand on my mac. Now I have a podcast.



Building, guiding and directing brand and social strategy for webcomic artists: the Awkward Yeti, Fowl Language, Sarah's Scribbles, and Shen Comix!

Trip Hazard


Trip Hazard Studios is the faucet on the weird brains of Caitlin Burt and Josh Weaver.

Be prepared.


Shoe Heaven

Lead Social Strategist and execution for @Zappos Twitter, Snapchat, Spotify, and emerging platforms.

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New perspectives

Lead Link & Executive Producer for the Beyond the Box Newsroom, Zappos' content creation team.